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Board of Trustees

Matthew Borinshteyn Matthew Borinshteyn – Founder/Chairman Of the Board

⦁ Founded the non-profit organization and since its inception lead the effort in both strategic and operational capacity
⦁ Student at WMMHS
⦁ Student member of Mendham Township Environmental Commission
⦁ Passionate gardener from childhood and like to bake and cook especially healthy dishes
⦁ Nationally Registered EMT and active member of the Mendham Township First Aid Squad

Julie Crawford Julie Crawford - Educational Outreach Lead

⦁ Sustainability hero. Over the course of her career, JC has secured over $200,000 in grant funding. Recent grants and technical assistance include an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps and nominated The Sharing Project and both Matthew’s for the NJ Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards
⦁ JC Brings extensive experience from teaching at Mount Arlington School in the Mount Arlington School District teaching science and math. She also serves as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and enrichment programs coordinator.

Amalia Duarte Amalia Duarte - Treasurer

Amalia is on the Mendham Township Committee, having won a second term in November 2020. She serves on the board of trustees for Brookside Community Church and Schiff Natural Lands Trust, both in Mendham Township, and the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, New Jersey Chapter. Professionally, she is the Public Affairs Director for ECLC of New Jersey, a nonprofit providing "Education, Careers & Lifelong Community" to children and adults with disabilities. Amalia serves on the Board of the Alliance of Private Special Needs Schools of North Jersey. She is Chair of the Public Relations Committee for ASAH, the umbrella organization for schools and agencies serving people with disabilities. Previously, she was the Communications Director for Citigroup's Operations & Technology unit, a global organization of more than 22,000 staff. She earned a B.A. at New York University in journalism and political science and began her career as a reporter at the "Los Angeles Times" and later joined "The (Bergen) Record." She was an editor at "Meetings & Conventions" magazine and a reporter at "People." She has written for the "New York Times" and other national publications. She has lived in Mendham for 21 years and raised two children, Matthew, 18, and Elena, 23. 

Carol Hunsicker Carol Hunsicker - Secretary

⦁ Professional background: Corporate websites, Program Management for Lean Six sigma, (operational efficiency, business transformation), Business Strategist, Marketing technologies
⦁ Lifelong gardener, previous garden club experience as program chairman, scholarship chair, educational exhibits

Dr. Rekha Mandel Dr. Rekha Mandel – Community Engagement and Fundraising Lead

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and The Sharing Project. I am thrilled to participate as a Board member for this wonderful organization. My husband and I moved to Mendham Township 5 years ago. We have three children Maks (12), Kira(10) and Roman(7). I practice Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine at Chester Medical Associates. It has been my lifelong passion to promote disease prevention through healthy eating and exercise. As a physician I spend a lot of time with my patients, often discussing recipes and ways they can incorporate more plants into their diet. When I heard about Matthew’s garden and his aspiration to grow and donate produce-I knew I wanted to be part of this journey! Through the Sharing Project our youth volunteers will also learn about healthy nutrition, sustainability and social responsibility. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge about whole food plant-based nutrition with the board as well as with our community.


Our Volunteers

Matthew Goldgirsh Matthew Goldgirsh

Co-founder of the Sharing Project
Senior at WMMHS
IT Director
Website management

Geervan Bhattacharjee Geervan Bhattacharjee

senior at WMMHS

Garrick Bhattacharjee Garrick Bhattacharjee

sophomore at WMMHS

Mike Churikov Mike Churikov

senior at MKHS (Denville)

William (Bob) Wang William (Bob) Wang

senior at WMMHS

Audrey Sun Audrey Sun

senior at WMMHS

Anna Goldgirsh Anna Goldgirsh

student at MTMS

Maks Mandel Maks Mandel

student at MTMS

Kira Mandel Kira Mandel

student at MTMS

Elizabeth Evdokimov Elizabeth Evdokimov

Marketing Director

Mrs. Tara Horutz Mrs. Tara Horutz

MTMS The Sharing Project Club Leader

Mrs. Erics Hays Mrs. Erics Hays

MTMS The Sharing Project Club Leader