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Our Fundraising Goals
Minimum: to raise money to fund construction of The Sharing Project Garden fence/water piping: $17-18K

Maximum: to raise enough money to cover costs to build a “Complete” garden with garden beds, water stations, watering hoses or cans; shed, educational/events area for The Young Gardener club, tools etc: ~30K

If we raise excess money: we can add a green house to the garden to continue grow produce off season or use the money to buy fresh produce for monthly donations during off-season

How Can You Support Us
Any donations – small or large – are greatly appreciated and will be used for a good cause.
⦁ We accept domations through our venmo
⦁ We accept donations through checks payable to The Sharing Project. Please email to discuss your donation and the address to mail your check.
⦁ You can also support us by purchasing our merchandise, and paying us through venmo.

Our Merchandise

Very Comfortable T-shirt $19.99  
Please pay us through our venmo
Very Nice Hoodie $19.99?  
Please pay us through our venmo
Very Cool Bag $19.99?  
Please pay us through our venmo