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The Sharing Project is a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to help families in need by donating fresh, healthy produce. Currently, we are located near the Mendham, NJ area and run by high school students from different parts of the New Jersey area.

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Our Mission  
The Sharing Project's mission is to help families in need by donating fresh and healthy food, and educate youths about gardening, healthly nutrition, sustainability, and social responsibility

Our Short Term Goals  
Our goals are to grow and donate fresh produce to as many families as we can, to inspire more high schoolers, and gardening communities to join our cause and feed more families, and to educate our community about sustainable gardening practices.

Our Long Term Goals  
Our long term goals include: Build a sustainable program that will continue for years to come; Raise a new generation of leaders who create the world a better place; Create a dedicated community garden in Mendham; Expand the project to other counties

How Will We Achieve these Goals?  
- Volunteering at Local Food Pantries  
- Partenering with Local Farmers & Corporations  
- Fundraising Money for our Community  
- Growing Fresh Produce*